Is this website also in English? Yes ofcourse, we like the share our identity in other languages and those who speak them. As a traveller I had the opportunity to set foot on Great Britain, the United States of America and Canada. And since the English language is spoken and used by many people, we feel like giving you a glimpse of our farm in English.

A new local product in Gaasterland! Well what is that?

Gaast’sperges means asparagus from Gaasterland. A stretch of land in one of provinces of the Netherlands. This province “Friesland” is homeland to the Friesian horses. The Frisian people there speak the Frisian minority language and have a rich cultural heritage.

Since 2015 started the farm Gaast’sperges and we grow since then asparagus on a piece of land in Gaasterland. In March/April starts the asparagus season. We offer white and green asparagus direct to consumers, to stores, markets, restaurants and more.

Asparagus cultivated in the Netherlands is mostly as white asparagus which grows in ridges, meaning in the soil and hidden from the daylight. Gaast’sperges also grows and carries forward that culture.

When you get in the area, make sure you give these asparagus from Gaasterland a try. This website informs you when the asparagus harvest is happening. Also on this website you can find more information on Gaast’sperges here, concerning landscape, animal traction and more.